Türkçenin Yabancı Dil Olarak Öğretiminde Web 2.0 Araçlarının Kullanımı: Padlet Örneği


The most common problems encountered by learners of Turkish as a foreign language in writing skills are low self-efficacy, anxiety and grammatical errors. It has been studied by the experts of the subject that intermediate level (B1-B2) learners also have problems in converting verbs into writing practice. From this point of view, an interactive writing activity was organized by using Padlet, one of the web 2.0 tools, which was designed and implemented in a virtual classroom newspaper. The aim of the activity was to improve the language and communication skills of the learners on the subject of verbs taught in the B2 grammar course, to enable them to create a collaborative product with brainstorming and creative thinking skills, to reinforce what they have learned with real life experiences, and to allow them to express their feelings and thoughts freely by eliminating their worries of making mistakes. At the end of the activity, learner opinions about Padlet and the activity were determined, collaborative writing activity and research results were given.

Teaching Turkish as a foreign language, Padlet, Web 2.0 tools