Yabancı Dil Olarak Türkçe Öğretiminde Etkinlik Tasarlama Çalışmalarının Yetersizliği Üzerine


Turkish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and the desire of people to learn it is increasing day by day, but with the economic and diplomatic strengthening of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkic Republics, it has gained the identity of a language that is taught both at home and abroad. Activities in teaching Turkish to foreigners are of great importance for effective learning and teaching. In this context, the studies conducted in the literature and the designed activities should be presented to the teachers currently working in the field. When the literature was reviewed, the trends of the studies in the field of teaching Turkish to foreigners were examined and a total of 25 articles and postgraduate studies on activity design were identified. This is the result of a deficiency in the literature. As a result, it is suggested that activity suggestions can be presented with experimental results in master's and doctoral theses, activity design studies can be structured according to language levels, and the activities in the activity design studies in the field of teaching Turkish as a foreign language in the literature can be collected in a volume.

Teaching Turkish to foreigners, Activity Design